Fine Art Models
Resume of Achievements - Print:

Curve Magazine-Amy Bleu Artist Review (November 2009)
Tom Hall-Passion CD art/design (Spokane, WA) released June 2009
Amy Bleu-Geek Love CD (Portland, OR) released January 2009
Building Magazine (Spokane, WA) October 2007
Amy Bleu-Snake Charmer CD (Portland, OR) released January 2007
Northwest Woman Magazine (Spokane, WA) October 2006
The Spokesman Review (Spokane, WA)
July 2005
June 2005,
December 2003,
June 1999,
and May 1998,
Labyrinth campus magazine (Western Washington University) April 2005
Best of College Photography-published by Photographer’s Forum 2004
Rocky Mountain News (Denver, CO) March 2004
NW Inlander (Spokane, WA) September, 2003
The Local Planet (Spokane, WA) August, 2003

Riverpark Square Arbor Crest Tasting Room (Spokane, WA) June 2010
The Empyrean Cafe (Spokane, WA) October 2007
Fox Gallery (Spokane, WA)August 2005
Liquid Life Lounge (Spokane, WA)July 2005
Borders Books (Spokane, WA)December 2003

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