Fine Art Models
Essence of Women
Embracing your essence when you are a woman can be very difficult at times. I am creating a series to capture the very thing that sets women apart but can also be hidden so easily behind masks. I aim to challenge the everyday woman to look deep inside her, nurture her unique spirit and also allow this spirit to be shown to others through a casual portrait. I am also offering a photography package aside from my personal series for anyone who desires to grow closer to their inner spirit.
Brigid: I am always moving and going. I am never still, but always going from one place to another. I seek adventure. I love to dance and create. This light surrounds me and it encompasses me. I go and come back. My essence is a circle.
Brynn-I'm a dreamer. I want to touch, taste, see, hear, and be everything. I crochet when I'm nervous. I write when I'm agitated. I play guitar when I'm inspired. I like to run while the sun is setting. I think learning how to let go best helps you to hang on. I love to be social. I need to live alone. I have comfy retro chairs, but I rarely sit in them longer than five minutes at a time. A plant is the single best housewarming present in the world. Signing a lease makes me nervous. I'd like to think I live a passionate existence. I like colorful objects, real people, and all things unexplored. I live for music and survive thorugh creation. I am never bored.
Jasmine-I am the story of myself: a daughter, sister, friend, and lover. I am a feminist activist working for equality and social justice. I identify as: German, Russian, Jewish, Queer, and MYSELF. I am Superwoman. I kid you not.
Laura-The essence of a woman is being true to herself. It seems difficult in this world for many women to do this honestly, with media ads, stereotypes, and a disconnected materialistic soceity; we forget who we are beneath all the masks. The masks are for defense of the sesitivity of our selves, and are necessary, to some degree, until true understanding and openness can be optained between all people; this is a rather daunting task. But we can each contribute to this task by taking off aspects of our masks and remembering that not only dothey hide us from others, but that they eventually prevent us from seeing ourselves when we look in the mirror of our self. The woman that I am: a creator, a writer, a healer, a friend, a passionate lover, a fearful child, a sarcastic cat, a dreamer, an animal talker, a small piece of the collective subconscious, an animistic believer, a collector of feathers, rocks and shells, a woman that will someday be a mother, a woman that someday will have sagging breasts and wrinkles, but who knows that these physical changes are part of being a woman and are an accumulation of the years of knowledge that have been gained.
Maria-I stumble over the word essence because I am not a flower or an herb. You get the essence of something by crushing it and rolling it around. My essence is getting thicker and heavier in the air as years go by, as I struggle to know and actualize myself. My essence is joy.
Sarah-The essence of my female spirit is tucked between my muscles, skin, and bones. It's the device in my brain that filters what stays, what goes. It's in my long hair that carries the scents of several cities-it is rooted; I am not. It's the capable hands that break guitar strings and toss out my baggage. It is inside my chest and underneath my ribcage, an open heart that sings and sings about love. It is intuition I hold in my abdomen, above the void that does not need to be filled. It's in the legs that carry me out of danger. It's my body; naked, without seeking validation of its beauty. It is perfectly flawed. There is no shame in this. It is only strength that resides within me.

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